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Capturing  Today's Magic - 

She’s only little once…delight her sense of whimsy and wonder as a fairy princess in a mystical, enchanted forest!  Or, let him go fishing in a magical pond or explore the garden looking for fireflies in the enchanted garden.  Maybe they can take flight or a floating leaf to a magical land, or ride an elephant.  We are only limited by our imagination.  

Our children grow up so fast, so taking the time to capture a few of those magical moments when they still “believe” is my goal. I love to capture the essence of childhood during these precious years. To accomplish this, what better way than to let them be part of a magical world, rather it be a fairy or an explorer in the enchanted Forest.

The studio offers a full line of one-of –a-kind costumes that I have either made or assembled, timeless outfits, and props.  But, if the client has their own we will work together to make the perfect portrait session.

If you child is not so interested in fairies and exploring, we can provide beautiful portraits of your children.



Setting Fee: $99 for to 2 children.  $120 for 2 to 3 children  The sitting fee includes costumes, props, and photographers time. 

Session fees are to be paid at time of booking.  Checks, paypal, Vnmo and cash are accepted.




Studio is located in Pacifica, California.  Appointments are usually on the weekend, but I work with the families for convenient times.